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At Times Education Interested Me, Because of The Rewards

My interest in learning ebbed and flowed most of my life. I think it really depended on when I got into something I was interested in. School seemed to flop in most classes, but once in a while I would find myself in a class that really interested me. It was not hard to keep straight As. I got into interesting things constantly. I am constantly passionate about how this in this world worked. Biological sciences, wildlife, plant life, ecology, and the human body.

I went to college on a few occasions to peruse what I was most interested in. I wanted to study Zoology at the local community collage. I lived by a really incredible zoo, where I spent most of my time. The moment I decided this is what I am going to do, I started planning for the future. I started seeing things that I wanted to do. I started planning how much land I was going to need to have a horse pen large enough to hold about 20 horses. I wanted to draw up plans for a one acre garden carefully planned out to attract as much wild things as possible. To take a place and a piece of land and turn it into something that memories are made of. Working and admiring the 10,000 foot mountain in your back yard. At this point in time however, my dreams was chasing me instead of me chasing my dreams.

But, as time went on and the years rolled by, my interests went into another direction based on what I was interested in as a kid. Programming and crafting electronic games on a computer is what I was into at an early age. This made me decide I belonged in the Information Technology field and should be programming the next best Call of Duty game. My dreams of having a degree in the biological sciences seemed to have faded away. I had all new dreams to go with my degree in Information Technology. I began to see myself going to my mailbox and pulling out a check from a client for $100,000 for a project that I intelligently put together. Buying a new truck or two on only one paycheck. I always thought about the pains and heartaches that being lower on the poverty scale caused. After time had passed and after personal problems got the best of me, my interests in IT had shifted. That was only because, when I was attending the University of Phoenix, I discovered something amazing.

I never did get a degree in Information Technology, but what I did get, is more valuable to me. I did a very in depth assessment of my performance at the University of Phoenix and discovered something: my ability to write. I started to go back in time and remember what I used to do when I was a kid. When I was 9 years old, I began to write children’s books. My newest and most powerful dreams were just getting started.


Growing Up in College

I was never a good student in high school. While I did well on standardized tests, I barely paid attention in class and skipped as many classes as possible. My parents tried everything to get me to become a more serious student. Punishments such as being grounded. Rewards for improved grades. Nothing worked. The only thing that had a margin of success was my father reading the textbooks to me directly. This was so dull it became less of an effort to put a small amount of work into my studies to avoid this. Still, I was a mediocre student at best, but with a decent SAT score I was off to a mediocre college.

My laziness continued in college. My freshmen year was more of the same. I would read the textbooks which interested me such as history and some novels, but would disregard serious study. After poor grades in my freshmen year I was heavily criticized by my adviser and threatened with being forced out of college for poor grades.

Then, I took a couple of classes that turned it all around. The first was in a topic that was completely unrelated to my major; a class in Greek and Roman History. The enthusiasm that the professor showed for his topic of choice was contagious. He clearly loved his topic of choice and made me want to learn just why he loved it as much as he did. It was a cult of personality and I tuned in to watch every moment of the class. I read the textbook ahead of time and became immersed in his enthusiasm. I learned not only how to learn, but he also invigorated a love of learning that continues to this very day.

The second class was an accounting class where the professor was tough, disciplined, and very strict. Your grade depended solely on your effort but the teaching style of this professor provided real world examples that made practical sense and provided references regarding why these factors are important, in the context of the topic. Learning in her accounting class became more interesting that the topic because you began to understand how the world of business operates, and why it is important for both society and for me.

My grades began to drastically improve. Finding people who inspired me came from unlikely sources in topics that I never expected would interest me as much as they did. But it fed a passion for learning that was always behind the surface.

Beyond that these classes provided me with the trick for succeeding in college. Show an enthusiasm for what you are learning and go about it in a disciplined way keeping in context the greater purpose of what you are working. It served me well in class and served me even better in the working world. Understanding what you are learning is one thing; understanding how it relates to a grander scale has provided me with the opportunity to manage a business and interact positively with employees in the company, customers, as well as others in my industry.

College prepared me for all of that. I grew up and matured in college and have been able to be successful by learning how to learn and developing a passion for everything I pursue.


The Proper Path to a Career

I always approach my education with one thing in mind, having a career. I do want to point out my goal is having a career and not a job. With a career, my educational experiences shifts into a lifestyle and one I can be proud of after working very hard to attain. A lot of people wish they could live the perfect life and, while attaining perfection is assuredly difficult, there are ways in which success and a better life can be achieved with better chances of the preferred outcome. The educational path to success is definitely one of them.

For myself, I worked very hard at achieving a broad-based liberal arts education that also contained courses focused in my chosen field: the magazine business. In addition to working very hard on my formal education, I have spent two years interning with a well-known magazine in the area. All of this experience, educational and professional, works together to provide a nice basis for setting the foundation for a career.

Simply putting resumes out in the mail and hoping someone picks up the phone to call you is better than nothing, but this is not the most proactive way to start a career. Again, a career is what I want which is why I work very hard at my education and my internships to set the foundation for a career.

The best advice I could give anyone interested in a true career is to work hard in school and set the foundation with a proper internship. Doing so will reap major rewards. I know it has for me.


Today Was My First Day Of Class

Today was my first day of class, at my new school. Even though I have graduated many times before I am still here. You see today is my first day as a teacher, and I hope I will have the same influence on my students as my teachers had on me. The world of Academics is great and thriving place. It is a world full of discovery and exploring and full of wonders. Most people believe that education is boring but I love it. I just hope my students will learn from me and try to pursue a higher education.

I still remember my graduation ceremony like it was yesterday. In fact it was 6 months ago but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I got my Degree, and I hope to encourage more young people to go and follow their dreams because if I can do it then anyone can do it. Even though today was my first day, I do think it was a good day and I think I made a good impression on my students. No matter what happens for the rest of the year, today will always be a day to remember because it was officially the first day of the rest of my life.

I just hope tomorrow will be as good as today but I am not counting on it. I can already tell I am going to have a hard time with a couple of my new students. But if I get my way, by the time I am done with them, they will want to do something with their life and get a higher education degree. I honestly don’t care what the degree is in, as long as they get one. My goal in life is not only to teach students but to inspire them to work hard and challenge themselves. I just hope they pay attention at the end.